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Test Assurance

Pluranet can provide Test Assurance so you can be sure the quality of your suppliers’ software meets your needs.

We provide the test expertise you don’t have to and give a neutral account of test process and the value for money you are receiving.

User Acceptance Testing

Pluranet can manage the User acceptance of your new software on your behalf creating a bridge between the supplier and the business.

We will manage issues and defects and work with the supplier to make sure they are resolved.

We can help you plan the entry criteria for UAT to prevent expensive failures and wasting of time or resources on a product that isn’t ready.

Test Management

Test management services are available so you don’t need to take time out from your business and can leave all the test phases to our team.

We will report to you and handle the end to end cycles until the product is ready for you to use.


We have a test lab so you don’t have to free up valuable office space for the project.

We can work on you behalf remotely with your suppliers and offer a wide range of platform, appliance accessibility performance testing services.

Company Profile

Pluranet was founded in 1998 as a single consultancy and has grown to deliver services across public and private sector.

Experience has been gained across a wide range of industries and sectors allowing the same good testing practices to be exercised and perfected.


Public and private sector, internet and international banking, internet based offshore betting, human resources, insurance, imaging to workflow, Digital Television, web based applications and websites, e commerce, stock broking, pensions, thin client networks, government and parliamentary applications including biometrics, identification, immigration, large scale migrations and CRM tools.

Recent Clients

We’ve worked on automated testing solutions and test management systems for companies including...

Home Office Cabinet Office Ministry of Justice Syscon Justice Systems Fujitsu Lombard

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